Monday, February 28, 2011

PIFA Preview: Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts

Photo Credit: Kimmel Center
Photo Credit: Kimmel Center

PIFA is giving Philadelphia something else besides Phillies home opener and outdoor dining to look forward to this spring. Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts is a first for the city and I think from the sounds of it already, it will not be the last. On April 7th the festival will be kicked off, lasting until May 1st. The festival is filled with many events and attractions including a circus school on Broad Street and an Eiffel Tower replica built entirely of light bulbs in the Kimmel Center.

The city is welcoming many collaborators to make this a festival one to remember. ?uestlove, drummer of The Roots, will be performing with Keren Ann, singer-songwriter based out of Paris, at the Kimmel Center the April 17th.

Kimmel Center is hosting a variety of events and is a major support of the entire festival. Many other local art galleries, museums are also hosting many events including the Philadelphia Magic Gardens, Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia Museum of Art and the African American Museum.

To learn more about how you can become a part of these wonderful moments visit As they stated on PIFA's website,"Art is made up of moments. Moments of inspiration. Power. Emotion. Grace. Passion. These moments collided in Paris in 1911 and changed the path of art and conventional creativity."

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