Monday, March 14, 2011

A Must See Exhibit: Capucci: Art into Fashion

Photo Courtesy of Philadelphia Museum of Art 
Sculpture Dress, 1992. Designed by Roberto Capucci, Italian, born 1930. Satin, 72 x 60 x 40 inches (182.9 x 152.4 x 101.6 cm). Fondazione Roberto Capucci.

Gloria Swanson once said, “I would like to burn my whole wardrobe so I could have Capucci replace it.”
A must for your Philadelphia International Festival of Arts (PIFA) itinerary, Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Capucci: Art into Fashion exhibit. This weekend I saw the member preview of this special exhibit and really enjoyed it. The exhibit will be on display during PIFA and leaves the city on June 5, 2011.
Roberto Capucci is one of today’s most inflectional artist-couturiers. Through the audio tour I learned compelling facts about how Capucci became such an international sensation as a successful designer. I was so tempted to touch the various textiles that he used but I reminded myself that I was not in a couture dress salon but in an art museum. His silhouettes are truly one-of-a kind art forms. In the 1950s he started off his career at a young age and Cupucci helped put Italy on the map in the world of modern fashion.
            The exhibit was arranged in chronological order creating a timeline through his designs. In the early 1950s many of his dresses were monochromatic but he started using many colors in his designs. In the 1970s his sculpture dresses were revolutionary using objects such as bamboo, straw, brass and pebbles mixed with fine fabrics.  Nature is a big inspiration in his work along with architecture. This really shines through to his work.
See the wonderful craftsmanship up close on your own tour of the exhibit. Check out the website for ticket information. Don’t forget to order tickets a head of time because PIFA will draw a big crowd.
 Stay tuned for more Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts sneak peaks! PIFA will take over the city 4/7-5/1/11 Visit for ticket information. (Post has PIFA's support)

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Photo Courtesy of Philadelphia Museum of Art
Nove Gonne (Nine Skirts)
, 1956, By Roberto Ca pucci (Italian, b. 1930). Sala Bianca Palazzo Pitti Florence. Sculpture-dress, ‘bello’ red silk taf feta, overlapping elements on the skirt. Claudia Primangeli / L.e C. Service

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