Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet Calorie-Free Cakes!

     As I’m anxiously preparing to be an aunt for the first time and I had the honor of helping my mom plan a baby shower for my sister. My older sister, Michele, and my brother-in-law, Jeremiah, are going to be parents this spring and they have (almost) all the baby gear they need for their new son. It’s amazing how much equipment a little person needs. There were so many items on their gift registry that I’ve never even heard of but one item that I was well-aware of that is a necessity are DIAPERS!

    So, I decided to create a homemade diaper cake. This is not your typical cake, it’s not for dessert but it’s just as sweet! A diaper cake is a display piece that is packed with diapers and other useful goodies. Since I’m new to this baby stuff I watched a Youtube video to learn how to assemble a diaper cake.

     I completed the large diaper cake that included bath time items such as wash clothes, Johnson& Johnson baby shampoo, and topped it with a stuffed animal. After my mom and I saw how nice it turned out we were inspired to make more to decorate the room a little bit more.
Diaper Cake topped with Stuffed Lion

    For a while we were contemplating what to use for centerpieces at the baby shower. So we finally decided to make two-tiered diaper cakes. We topped the cakes with a beanie baby from my mother’s collection. The beanie babies were given to Michele and Jeremiah after for their son to have as he grows up.

     The shower my mom hosted was on Feb. 19th and it was held at the Black River Barn in Randolph, NJ (our hometown). We had it in a private room that was decorated approriate with baby blue napkins and white linen table clothes.
Then exactly one month later Michele’s mother-in-law surprised her with another shower just this past Saturday, March 19th in Newton, Massatutes (Jeremiah’s hometown). It was held at Myrtle Baptist Church where their family is very involved. I was able to make the trip from Philadelphia this past weekend and surprised my sister! It was worth the 7 hour road trip to be a part of another wonderful shower, as we get ready for my little nephew!

 Photos from the shower to come soon......
Centerpiece Diaper Cakes for Baby Shower

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