Monday, April 18, 2011

Audience Plays a Leading Role in PIFA's Impulse

There are two chances left to be a part of Tongue & Groove Spontaneous Theater’s new show, Impulse, created just for the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts. The last two performances are April 22nd at 9 pm and April 23rd at 7 pm.  

Tongue & Groove’s Impulse will take place at The Kimmel Center’s Rendell Room.  Tickets are only $10 and you can purchase them online or at the door.  I encourage purchasing the tickets a head of time online in case the time you want to see it sells out.

The cast of Impulse
Photo credit: Aaron Oster

The improve group is known for including their audience to make each show unique.  Before the show Impulse starts the members of Tongue & Groove will ask the audience to fill out cards with questions on them about impulses. They are then collected and used throughout the performance. All cards are filled out anonymously so you can share your most  intimate or embarrassing impulse without anyone knowing.   

The show focuses on the nature of impulses, collaborating with the audience! Keeping with PIFA’s theme of collaborative creativity they will be asking audience members to anonymously share their responses to statements such as: 
I can never resist the impulse to...
I wish I had followed my impulse to...
I keep thinking about ___________ and the impulse to act on it is rising. and more.
The talented cast will then act out the responses in a theatrical way expressing both hilarious and thought provoking monologues. 

Adding to the energy of the actors, live music will also be incorporated into the performance. Unlike the eye catching publicity photos that you will see of Tongue & Groove, they perform fully clothed.

Stay tuned for more PIFA sneak peak events and an inside scoop from Philly. PIFA IS HERE! Philadelphia April 7th – May 1st.  This post was written with the support of PIFA.

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