Sunday, April 3, 2011

Good Times at AC Beer Festival

Yesterday I had a great time at the 6th Annual Celebration of the Suds, AC Beer Festival!  I took the NJ transit train from Philadelphia's 30th Street Station to train stop at the Atlantic City Convention Center with my boyfriend and another couple.  The train was such a perfect option for us because the festival was hosted at the convention center.  Over 75 breweries where sampling their suds. It was such a the large festival that we didn't even get to sample all of the beer.  We certainly enjoyed many different types of beer including local microbreweries and even international brews.

Beer was not the only thing that vendors were showing off.  One of my favorite booths in the festival was  Hop Art.   I love art and beer so put them together and we get Hop Art!  Michael Schweitzer is the artist of Hop Art and he has a very unique approach to creating his artwork.  He not only paints pictures with the subject of beer, he pains with the beer! All of the watercolored paintings he creates he uses beer mixed with the watercolors instead of water.  How cool is that?!
Artist Michael Schweitzer of Hop Art 
Whatever type of beer that is pictures is the type of beer that he used to mix with the watercolor paints. I liked the art so much that I even purchased one.  No, it wasn't the beer goggles at the beer fest; I still really admire the artwork even today!  I got the "English Ale" painting that has a really funky blue background. See the photo below. He said he was drinking an English Ale while paining it!

Have you ever been to a beer festival before?  It is a great chance to try different beers, enjoy live music and have an enjoyable time. Go next year to AC Beer Fest for a great time!  Cheers! 


  1. Looks like you guys had an amazing time! Beer Fest is one of those events, where unless you have actually been to one, it is hard to understand how amazing it is! Hope to join you guys next year!

  2. We missed you Zack! Next year you should join use again! :) Cheers