Friday, April 1, 2011

Guest Chefs Infuse Philly's Finest Restaurants During PIFA

     Eleven restaurants in Philadelphia are preparing to welcome visiting chefs from Lyon and Paris, France during PIFA. This is a very unique culinary collaboration that you don’t want to miss!  The local chefs and the guest chefs will work together to create a special menu inspired by PIFA.  You can taste the special menus at some of Philly’s finest restaurants from April 13th – May 1st. 
Rouge on Rittenhouse Square is hosting a chef from France
Photo Credit: GPTMC

     The visiting chefs will be introduced to their hosting chefs for the first time on April 11th.  They will work with their hosting restaurant until April 17th but the special menus will be available the remainder of PIFA. Make your reservations to dine at the participating restaurants; Amuse, Bibou, Bistrot La Minette, Caribou Café, Fork, Lacroix, Le Bec-Fin, Parc, R2L, Rouge and Table 31.  Each restaurant will have it's own menu so check our more than one while this unique collaboration is cooking up!

Chef pairings include:
  • Michael Abt of Parc with Frédéric Berthod from 33 Cité (Lyon)
  • Terence Feury of Fork with Simon Lacassin from Préfecture du Rhône (Lyon) 
  • Daniel Stern of R2L with Babette De Rozieres from La Table de Babette (Paris)
  • Pierre Calmels of Bibou with Olivier Paget from Le Fleurie (Lyon)
  • Jon Cichon of Lacroix with Frédéric Côte from Restaurant au Colombier (Lyon)
  • Chris Scarduzio of Table 31 with Arnaud Languille from Clostan Traiteur (Lyon)
  • Olivier Desaintmartin of Caribou Café with Jean-Paul Borgeot from La Tassée (Lyon)
  • Dan Black of Amuse  with Eric Brujan from L’Orénac Le Méridien Etoile (Paris)
  • Peter Woolsey of Bistrot La Minette with Joseph Viola from Daniel et Denise (Lyon)
  • Georges Perrier of Le Bec Fin with Mathieu Viannay from La Mère Brazier (Lyon)
  • Michael Yeamans of Rouge with Nasserdine Mendi from Chocolate Weiss (Lyon)

    Click here : to see how the chef’s are paired up.  Note that the photos feature the visiting chefs.
Fork is one of the restaurants hosting a visiting chef for PIFA
Photo Credit: GPTMC

Stay tuned for more PIFA sneak peak events. It will be coming to Philadelphia April 7th – May 1st. This post was written with the support of PIFA.

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