Thursday, June 23, 2011

Delicious Dinner at Spamps for Conshy Restaurant Week

Last week was Conshohoken Restaurant Week and I had a great time trying  new restaurants.  I was really looking forward to my reservations at Isabella with my four dinning friends however we ended up enjoying a meal at Spamps instead. (don't miss photos below)

Conshohoken Restaurant Week marked the first time I have ever waked out of a restaurant! We left before even getting a chance to taste Isabella's Mediterranean menu was because I was promised over the phone that we would had the option to order of of the prix fixe Menu Restaurant Week menu or the regular menu.  However, when we were seated we were only given one option, the $35 or $20 sampling menu. And on top of that the entire table of five had to choose one or the other.  I asked our server if he could bring over a regular menu and he refused.  A couple of the people that were in my party have  restricted diets that exclude all seafood and red meat so I was very disappointed. The Restaurant Week menu was about 80% seafood and red meat so this would not work for us so we left.  I just wanted a nice dinner that all of my friends could enjoy and we found just that at Spamps.

Luckily Spamps didn't have a wait for a table at all so we were seated right away in the dinning room.  Before sitting down we asked what menus they were offering and the hostess said "You can order anything you want," music to my ears.  Spamps is know for it's fabulous sushi rolls so that is what a few of got and then the other two who don't eat seafood or meat were happy with their selections as well.

Spamps Roll and Summer Roll - my selected main course from restaurant week menu

Tastes even better than it looks

Maura enjyoing the last bite of sushi

All done....
The service at Spamps was above average and I really have no complaints at all.  I highly recommend this Conshohoken restaurant.  They offer a full bar and it is a causal dinning experience so no need to get dressed up.  I hope you enjoy it too.

Before the sushi came out I enjoyed a wedge salad as an appetizer. This was not your typical salad, it was delicious served with ranch dressing and bacon on top. Yummy...
Wedge Salad

Here photos of soups that were ordered at my table....

Classic French Onion Soup

Spicy Crab Soup - I had a bite too and it's very good

Creamy Tortellini Soup
Of course I had to get dessert too! It was included in the three course menu for Restaruant Week.  I got the red velvet cake and it was so good. I'm pretty sure there was more icing than cake but that was fine by me.
Red Velvet Cake

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