Monday, June 13, 2011

Rockin' it at Whole Foods with Rockin' Water

After getting booked to be the promotional model (aka sample girl) by Big Orange Productions I was introduced to a new product, Rockin' Water.  I worked a promotional event at Whole Foods on Saturday offering samples to shoppers.  Many of the customers have never heard of Rockin' Water before so I informed them about the new healthy kid's drink. 
This product was created by a mother of four, Amy Guerrieri, because she wanted to offer her own children a drink that had the nutrients that growing kids need.  There are ten vitamins and minerals, 3 grams of fiber plus antioxidants all packed into the 12 ounce bottle of kid friendly drink, Rockin' Water. They call it 'Kidtritious' !

Me and the Rockin' Water Demo Table
The beverage comes in four flavors, apple, orange, cherry and grape.  I was offering samples of all four samples at the Whole Foods demo event.  I tasted all four flavors cherry was my favorite selection. I'm not the target audience because I have no children to share Rockin' Water with but I really do like the concept of creating a drink that is packed with essential vitamins that children need. There is everything from vitamin A to Zinc, not something your average soda offers. It is also low in calories with only 50 calories per 12 oz. (or 355 mL) bottle. 
You might be thinking how do they hide all of the good stuff to make kids want to drink it? Sugar coat it, literally.  This is an all natural drink with no artificial sweeteners or flavoring but there is 9 grams of sugar pure drink. Pure cane sugar and Stevia are responsible for making the drink taste sweet. In my opinion I think that it's a tab bit too sweet but because the source of the sweetness is natural does make it much better for children compared to its competition of soda and other sugary drinks. 

Rockin' Water comes in four flavors, Apple, Cherry, Grape and Orange

There is also a charity that was created by Rockin' mom Amy Guerrier, Rockin' Appalachian Mom Project(RAMP) The mission is to make a difference in the lives of the children and families in the Appalachia region . This region is one of the most poverty-stricken areas of the United States.   RAMP sustains food pantries that serve the community to improve the nutritional well being of  local residents, and create sustainability by creating income generating projects that will bring economic growth and lasting change.  Two cents from every bottle purchased is donated to RAMP.  So next time you see this in the grocery store (Whole Foods in PA) try this new drink while helping a great cause!

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