Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tiffany & Co. Launches Romantic Website What Makes Love True

When you think of Tiffany & Co. you probably picture the little teal blue box with white ribbons or silver open heart pendants and engagement rings.  You don’t think of the jewelry store as being a-go-to for bridal tips and engagement announcements but you need to change the way you think because they just launched WhatMakesLoveTrue.com on June 1st.  
Tiffany & Co. has been making love stories sparkle for years with their infamous solitaire style ring. Now it’s on the map, literally.  In New York City Love is Everywhere according to the section of the website dedicated to real couples in love in The Big Apple.
Sneak peak of Tiffany & Co.'s website What Makes Love True
Love Stories is one of four different sections of the website.  This section shares real life love stories with you.  The second is The Art of Romance.  Love songs ready to be downloaded are the highlight of this avenue on the site.  I got a free love song when I visited the website but it said there were only a few free downloads available so check it out today.  The song is called You’re the First, the Last, My Everything by Joshua Radin. I think I’m familiar with a similar song but I have never heard his version of it.  
The final section and also my favorite part of WhaMakesLoveTrue.com is Tiffany’s New York because it the pages ask similar to that of an online concierge.  The site is helpful for picking out restaurants and hot spots for couples throughout the city that never sleeps.  I love New York so of course I want more reasons to go back. 
The website gives date ideas such as a visit to the Museum of Modern Art for a private tour.  That is under the category “Grand Gestures.” There is also “Magnificent Meals” section listing some of the funniest romantic restaurants in New York.  There are more than enough reasons to go back to NYC for a weekend.
I recommend you check out this website no matter how much of a romantic you are.    There is really something for everyone on WhatMakesLoveTrue.com.

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