Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Personalized Virtual Bulletin Boards with Pintrest

This week a co-worker of mine invited me to be a member of Pintrest and after accepting the invitation I created an account and have become hooked ever since!  Before receiving the invitation I didn’t know much about it so I’d like to introduce you to Pintrest so you can discover the fun of the newest crave online!

Pintrest is a virtual social bulletin board to share things that you are interested in. You can “pin” photos of things, places, food, fashion, pretty much anything to your personalized boards to let others know what you are into.  It’s also a great place to learn new things. If you are looking to try a new recipe, searching for the perfect dress  or need some crafty ideas this is the place to go.
This new website reminds me a little bit of Twitter in the sense that you can follow people and people can follow you. Also, similar to re-tweeting, on Pintrest you can “re-pin” something that another  member you follow have posted to their boards.  That is about the extent of the similarities of Twitter because Pintrest is unique being very visual website with lots of photos. 

The boards that you create are based on your interested for example I have one called “Must Eats” that includes food  I’ve either eaten, made or would like to try.  I also have another board called “Places to Visit” obviously containing photos of places I recommend to check out. 

Sign up today for free. You will have the option to link the account to either your existing Facebook account or Twitter account.  Don’t worry you will be able to choice what you want to spill over to your wall or tweets.  Happy Pinning!

As they say on their website:
"Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.
Collect the things you love."

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