Sunday, January 8, 2012

Making 2012 a Great Year

Happy New Year! It’s 2012 and time to start making plans for the year. I have decided to do more of the things that I love this year. Of course it’s a cliché to make resolutions but this year I have a different kind of approach. Instead of calling them resolutions I have put together a goal list. This is a good concept so that I have a timeframe to meet my realistic goals. Try it!

Be more active.  As you already know I love the working out and chaengingng myself by competing in sprint triathlons and road races.  This year I have going to do more of them! I already signed up for one- SheRox Philadelphia on Aug. 5th.  I’d like to save up money to also do the SheRox triathlon in Bermuda on November 4th so that I can swim in the clear waters off the beaches of Bermuda. That would be such a treat after swimming so many courses in the Schuylkill River. 

Plan more camping trips. This is a topic I have not touched yet on my blog but camping is something that I really enjoy. The last time I went camping was over Labor Day weekend in Avalon, NJ. I don’t rough it in the woods instead I pitch a tent at a campground so that I have access to running water and flushable toilets. In the spring I would like to go back again with a group of friends. 

Pick up a paintbrush. This is an old hobby of mine and I was reminded how long it has been since I picked up a paintbrush when I found a blank canvas in my closet. What is the point of having all of these tools if I don’t put them to use. So I have decided that I am going to paint a series of three paintings this year to hang on the walls of my apartment. I’ll be sure to show you the finished products.

Write more. Last year I started this blog for a few reasons but one of them is that I love to write. I plan to start the year off with more writing and more blog posts. Please comment and let me know what you want to know more about.


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