Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Brunch at Devil's Alley in Philadelphia

Devil’s Alley is a great brunch spot in Philadelphia. The menu is inspired by flavors from the south and they add lots of flavors into their dishes.  They also have a full bar with many signature cocktails available. 

I enjoyed the Chipotle Bloody Mary with Absolute Peppar and it was unlike any Bloody Mary I have ever had because it was garnished with a crispy grilled shrimp, three green olives, a lime and a lemon slice. The unique blend of flavors together makes for a spicy cocktail.  It was hard to decide what to order because there were so many different choices. My friend toasted to the weekend’s end with a mimosa made of fresh squeezed orange juice.

Chipotle Bloody Mary
I ended up getting the breakfast quesadillas. They were stuffed with eggs, chorizo, cheese, jalapenos and salsa. They were delicious.  

My friend ordered the Breakfast Tacos off of the specials menu. It usually comes with one salmon, one  bacon and one sausage taco but he skipped the salmon and had two sausages and one bacon. He said it was very tasty but because it’s served on a corn tortilla it was a bit difficult to eat with his hands. Overall he really enjoyed it.

Their were several specials on the menu that looked amazing on the menu. The Omelet of the day was crab, tomato and mozzarella. No one at my table ordered this but it sounded amazing. Another mouthwatering special listed on the chalkboard was an Oreo bread pudding French toast served with vanilla ice cream. 

Breakfast Quesadilla

Turkey Burger

Breakfast Tacos - Special

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