Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: AC Beer Fest 2012

Last Saturday, March 31st I went to the 7th annual Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival. My friends and I had a blast at the Atlantic City Convention Center! There was more to it than just sipping on beer. I added a few strokes of paint to a community painting of Blue Moon, danced in the Silent Disco and watched people ride a mechanical bull. This is my third time going to the festival and I think it has gotten better each year. 

This year the Silent Disco made it's debut. It was a big roped off area in the Convention Center that had a DJ playing dance music but the catch was you had to put on wireless headphones to listen to the music. Once you put the headphones on it was an instant dance party! Then after dancing for a few songs it was off to sip more beer from the over 70 brewers that were present. 

OK, so that intro was a bit wordy for a wordless Wednesday post. Enjoy the photos below. 

Painting a community masterpiece of Blue Moon

Crowded Atlantic City Convention Center

Cheers to beers

Waiting for samples of Blue Moon

Earth Glass Project, vendor with cool beer bottle products

Sand Sculpture 

Sand Sculpture 

Bull Ride 

Silent Disco

Silent Disco

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