Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy National Tequila Day!

Tequila is one of my favorite liquors to celebrate with. I have sampled many different flavors and brands of tequila over the past few years so I put together a list of my top three.

  • Patron Silver - Traditional silver tequila I prefer best as a shot with lime and salt
  • Patron Café – Sweeter coffee flavored liquor with tequila, this is not a strong so putting it on the rocks is a good choice
  • La Pinta – Pomegranate infused tequila, I also like this as a shot or mixed with tonic water a lime.
What do you do with your empty bottles? Instead of recycling them keep them around like a trophy for the crazy night that was most likely behind it. I transformed all of my empty tequila bottles into candles! What's so unique about these candles by Lets Get Lit Candles is that you can burn them again and again because there is a votive inside a gel filled bottle. This allows you to keep filling it with a new votive or tea light candle. 

Here are some photos of mine: 

Lets Get Lit Candles is a company based in Pennsylvania and I first met them when I was at the Manayunk Art Festival a couple of years ago. Here is what you do:

  1. 1.     Purchase a bottle of tequila, wine or other liquor of your choice
  2. 2.     Enjoy the drinks
  3. 3.     Clean the bottle
  4. 4.     Ship candle and check to Lets Get Lit Candles (Details can be found on website) 
  5. 5.     Wait for the candle to arrive
Cheers, Nina 

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