Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chinoki: Cherry Picked Philly Local Deals

I’d like to introduce you to my new favorite place to get local deals-! If you haven’t signed up for Chinoki yet, you are missing out! 

The Philadelphia-based company, Chinoki, offers deals from the region's top retail, restaurant and entertainment destinations! Over 120 merchants are participating giving you the option to "cherry-pick" which retailers and restaurants they want to receive deals from! Manayunk Brewery, Primos Hoagies, WaterWorks, Nicole Miller, Philadelphia Runner, The Valley Forge Casino and all participates.  This is a free service for consumers not to be missed. 

Start receiving the deals via email or text today by signing up at Once you are registered you can select your favorite restaurants and stores by name or by category. It's quick and easy and you can opt-out at any time. Also, you won't receive any additional emails that you don't want because Chinoki has a strict privacy policy and does not sell customer information to anyone. 

The website launch was inspired by the overwhelming number of daily deals floating around online. The unique options that Chinoki offers sets it aside from the competition. 
“Most daily deal sites are structured so that consumers cannot select which retailers the deals are from, and eventually this creates a disengaged consumer. Chinoki means ‘cherry picker’ in Japanese, and we thought that name was fitting because our model is designed to let consumers ‘cherry pick’ the offers they receive. That way, every offer that comes through to a consumer is something they have opted to receive and is information we know they want,” said Matt Bailin, President of Chinoki.

I’m so excited that I signed up for Chinoki and I hope you enjoy being a subscriber too!

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