Friday, October 12, 2012

Estia: Restaurant Week Dinner

Three of my good friends and I have been going out to dinner for a girls night during Center City Restaurant Week for the past few years now. Each time we try a different restaurant giving us a chance to sample the menu. Last week we dined at Estia and enjoyed authentic Greek cuisine. It reminded me of being in Greece again. 

 Each dish that I tasted was bursting with flavor. I started with the traditional Greek salad. The tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and onions were so fresh and topped with a chunk of feta cheese.  My friends had the grilled octopus to start with and I tried a bite- very tasty! For the main dish I had the Mediterranean Sea Bass also known as Branzino. The whole fish was seasoned with lemon and capers.  

The other main dishes around the table were the chicken and orzo dish and the lamp chop lollipops. I didn’t taste those dishes but my friends cleaned their plates so that was a sure sign that it was nothing short of delicious. 

We finished off the meal with dessert. The baklava melting in my mouth with each bit of the almond and honey filled flaky phyllo dough. This was a great ending to the meal.
The only thing that I would change would be serve the pita with tzatziki sauce instead of hummus. Don’t get me wrong, the hummus was creamy and very tasty but I was looking forward to tzatziki because it was served at every meal I had in Greece while I was studying abroad in college. Otherwise, this was a fabulous meal and I recommend you give Estia a try!

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