Sunday, November 11, 2012

Race Recap: SheRox Triathlon Bermuda 2012

Last Sunday I crossed the finish line of SheRox Triathlon Bermuda! I had such a great time on the island for the race. Plus, I did my personal best in a sprint tri! The course was the most challenging yet most beautiful that I have ever participated in. The water was clear blue and the scenes on the bike and the run course were a stunning panoramic of the island's coast! The bike and the run were quite hilly but the views made it worth it. 

I will be posting more details about the race weekend soon including a past party the night before and a cocktail reception the night of the race but thought I'd start the series of posts with photos of each stage of the race. 

She Swims. She Bikes. She Runs. She Rox. 

At the start of the race on the beach 
The sun was coming up as we were getting ready to start

My parents came to cheer me on! This is us before the start. 
Yellow caps are my age group at the swim start 
Start of the half mile swim in the clear blue Atlantic 
That's me- running on the sand exiting the swim! 

On my way to the bike transition  
I'm off on the start of the 12 mile bike ride(mostly up hill!)

Downhill to the second transition  
Almost there...  
Approaching the finish line 
One of my best friends, Maura, met me at the finish line! 
Two crazy fans kept us all motivated 
Posing next to a palm treat after the race

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