Friday, January 18, 2013

Favorite Recipe: Brie Cheese in a Crescent Roll

I first shared one of my favorite appetizer recipe as a guest blogger for Hop Skip and Jump Over the Pound and now I'm taking you behind the scenes of how to make it. My go-to easy appetizer that is always a crowd pleaser: 

Brie Cheese in a Crescent Roll with optional apples and walnuts! 

What you need:
               Round brie cheese
               Pillsbury crescent roll (I use the Reduced Fat kind)
               1 egg white
               Optional – 1/2 apple sliced thin and ¼ chopped walnuts

What do do:
               Preheat oven to 350
               Unwrap the brie cheese and place a baking sheet
               Slice one half of an apple (optional)
               Finely chop walnuts (optional)
               Place the apple slices and walnuts on top of the brie
               Open the Pillsbury crescent roll and roll out the dough in once single sheet
               Place the brie on top of the sheet of dough
               Wrap it up nice and tight in the dough, gathering the excess on the top
               Crack open an egg and separate the white
               Brush the egg white on top of the dough
               Place in the oven for 25 minutes or until the dough is golden brown
               Serve warm with a knife to cut slices
               Serve with crackers if desired


  1. Totally making this over the weekend - perfect! This would have went well with our super-bowl-nacho-extravaganza. Because there was obviously not enough cheese at that event. ;-)

  2. Hi Andy, I couldn't agree more! There is never enough cheese at a party. Enjoy making the recipe!