Monday, May 6, 2013

Stay Strong, Boston!

This weekend was my first time back to Boston after the tragic Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013. I visited my sister, brother-in-law and nephew in Boston, a place they call home, and it was so relieving to see them safe in the wake of the terror attacks. Walking along Boylston Street in Boston was a very different experience than our usual troll down the iconic street. This time instead of just window shopping all I could think about were the families who have been affected by the acts of terror on what should have been the best day of the year in the city.

The terrorist attack hit close to home for all Americans but since my sister works just two blocks from the finish line it hit me really hard. I was in shock watching the news unfold.  Luckily, my sister  was not near the finish line of the marathon but she was a spectator along the race and I worried about her and the rest of my family so much. I'm blessed that they are safe but I just can't imagine witnessing something so horrific! My heart goes out to those families who are not as fortunate.

While much of the city is already making a strong come-back there are many individuals that are having a much more difficult time than others. Forum restaurant (photo top left) remains closed to business but their there is a sign on the front of that shows their residences. It says, "Boston Strong: Coming Back Soon". The staff ended up being first responders to the second bombing victims or survivors as I like to refer to them as.

As we continued walking down Boylston Street we made our way to the memorial that was so emotional to be at that my mom and I started to tear up. It was so sad to see the names of the three bombing victims painted on white wooden crosses along side the MIT officer who was also killed in a result to the events that unfolded the week of Marathon Monday. 

I have always loved Boston and still do! I am glad that I was able to shop and support the local businesses that were all affected by the tragedy. At City Sports I purchased new running sneakers and a T-shirt that says 'BOSTRONG" reminding people that the city will get through this together. It cost $10 and all proceeds of the T-shirt sales support the victims of the bombings. The next day, I proudly wore it at a neighborrhood 5K in Framingham, Ma. showing my support.  As a crossed the finish line I was thinking of all of those affected on that fateful day! 

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