Monday, June 27, 2011

Scenes from the Manayunk Arts Festival

To top off my hectic race weekend I went to the Manayunk Arts Festival yesterday and I had a fabulous time.  There were 280 vendors displaying and selling artwork of various mediums.  I took photos of some of my favorites so that you can enjoy the wonderful artwork on Main Street.
Smadar A. Livne is the artist who painted the colorful artwork used as the promotional piece for the Manayunk Arts Festival.  The painting was featured on the event's poster, and the program guide.  I purchased the poster for only $7 at the booth ran by festival (photo above) and then when I visited Sadar's booth and she signed the poster for me for no charge. All of her work was very impressive.  She is an artist from Owings Mills, Maryland, located near Baltimore.
Smadar A. Livne and I at her booth

More of Smadar's work exhibited at the art festival

Paintings by David R. Joseph
David R. Joseph is a local artist from Jenkintown, PA who displayed fine artwork for sale.  His paintings all have a personal touch.  The painting above on the left of a path in a flower garden shows two small children walking on the path. He said that the children were painted from a photograph of his son with his cousin.  David added the children as an afterthought because he thought that the painting was missing something.  The painting to the right also has a special connection to him and his wife because it was painted and then after they moved into a new house and the back yard view was almost idetical.  The split tree was exactly there.   His wife who was at his booth with him at the time said she would be kind of upset if it sells because it has been hanging above their fireplace. 

Another fun fact about David is that is talents go beyond the canvas, he is also an Attorney at law practicing criminal law.  Talk about multi talented!
More beautiful paintings by David R. Joseph

Candles made from empty liquor bottles by Brandles
 The owner for Brandles traveled from Florida to be a part of the Manayunk Arts Festival.  He was not the only one who traveled far.  26 states were represented in the festival! This is the 22nd annual Arts Festival on Main Street and it keeps getting bigger each year.    

More of Brandles candles on display 

From Funk to Junk was selling bottle cap jewelry

United Plates of America's USA map made of licences plates

One of my favorite vendors at the Arts Fest was Butterfly Artworks.  They create jewelry from butterfly wings and place them in glass and precious metals to make a unique piece. Each butterfly is one of a kind and so are the jewelry they is created from it.  Below is the piece that I selected.  I loved the colors and when I got home I found I had a blue leather necklace to string it on. 
Necklace that I bought from Butterfly Artworks  
After walking around main street for a while we decided to stop for lunch.  What better place than Winnie's Le Bus? Winnie's was just as busy as I was this weekend because they catered the Philly Tri.  My parents, my boyfriend and I had a great lunch. It was technically brunch because Winnie's brunch menu is served every Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm.  I ordered the Thai Turkey Salad and the other three at my table all enjoyed a turkey burger.  No food photos because it was so good and we were so hungry that we dug in before I remember to bring my camera out! This will not be the last time I'm there so I promise to take photos next time.

Winnie's Le Bus was very busy for brunch during the arts fest
Winnies Le Bus was the official restaurant of the PHLY Tri

Refreshing white sangria at Winnie's Le Bus

Eatable art from Chabaa Thai Bistro
Restaurants were also participating in the Manayunk Arts Festival including Chabaa Thai Bistro.  A women carved all of these flowers out of melons. Amazing! Chabba was one of many Main Street restaurants that offered dinning in the street. 

Jake's served dinners on the street
Another piece of artwork that I admired during the arts fest
The festival attracted a very diverse crowd

Manayunk Bridge over Main Street
If you missed the Arts Festival this weekend don't worry because in September there will be another one.  September 24- 25th is the second annual Eco Arts Festival.  Check out more details on


  1. I went to the Arts Festival for the first time yesterday. I was shocked at how crowded it was. It was a beautiful day filled with beautiful art. Can't wait until next year!

  2. I know it was a beautiful day! Check out the Eco Arts Fest in Manayunk on Sept. 24-25th.