Friday, June 28, 2013

Race Recap: TriRock Philadelphia 2013

Last Saturday I completed the TriRock Philadelphia Sprint Triathlon! This a milestone race for me marking my 5th triathlon that I competed in. Race weekend was extra special for me because my sister, brother-in-law and nephew were visiting from Boston to cheer me on. Having spectators who care about you really do make a world of difference! 

This was the first TriRock series that I participated in and I was happy with my overall performance.  Thanks to the organizers, volunteers and spectators for making it a flawless race day. Finish line festivities include a live band, beer garden and food! It was so awesome to see my family along the race cheering me on. We celebrated at the finish line together!  

So surprised to see my family after the swim
I can’t believe I’m about to tell you this but it was my most enjoyable swim in the Schyulkil River. Most triathletes dread the swim but I look forward to it. TriRock Philly was the first tri that I did where we jumped off of a dock instead of an in-water start. Jumping right in gave me momentum and it reminded me of diving off of the starting blocks in swim meets.  I started doing triathlons because I missed competing in swim meets after graduating college so this change in the race was just what I needed.
"My Aunt's a Tri Rock Star"

Raking up the bike after the bike leg
At the finish line with my biggest fan
Family photo at the Finish Line
Leading up to race day I was so much more anxious than all of the others I have participated in for several reasons. This was the first big race I was doing in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings and security changes reminded me of that dreadful day in April where tragedy took place. Of course the unexpected bombings hit close to home for everyone in the running community but this happened in a peaceful place where my sister and her family call home. The race wanted to ensure that all athletes and spectators were as safe as possible so they originally had a ban on bags. This rule meant that no athletes could bring backpacks or duffle bags in the transition area. I was understanding of the changes but so worried I wouldn’t make it safely to the start with all of my gear! Thankfully the race organizers lifted the ban on bags and instead mandated that all participants would be subjected to a security screening bag check before entering the transition area. 

The week leading up to the tri I was telling a friend of mine how anxious I was and that I was afraid that my sister and her family would back out of being spectators because it would remind them of what they lived through in April at the Boston Marathon. My friend said, “Oh, so you’re thinking of not doing it?” I think I looked at her like she was crazy and replied with no hesitation, “No, I never thought of backing out! I am defiantly doing this.” In reality the tragedy that happened made me even more determined to complete this race. 

As you can see from the photos it all worked out in the long run and I finished with a smile on my face!  I set out to do this race and I was going to do it. I don’t compete to win an award or to prove people wrong, I tri because I can and because I enjoy the adrenaline rush of it all! Crossing the finish line I felt so accomplished even thought I didn’t beat my personal record.

My sister, Michele, and I at the Beer Garden
I run for beer! Do you?

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