Friday, December 28, 2012

My Top 12 Moments of 2012

As the year comes to a close I look back at all of the wonderful things that I accomplished and put together a list of my top twelve moments! I look forward to what 2013 has in store for me.  

1.) Finished SheRox Triathlon Bermuda - This was my big highlight of the year! It was my fourth sprint tri and my fastest time ever.  I set a goal, trained hard and finished strong! Not to mention I got to explore the lovely island of Bermuda.
Accepting the PPRA Fast-Track Award

2.) Received Philadelphia Public Relations Association’s Fast-Track Award – I was honored by PPRA in June for my dedication and involvement with the association!

3.) Visited the east and west coast of Florida – I was a guest at my friend’s wedding on the beach and while I was down there I also visited my grandma. The four hour drive to from Satellite Beach to Ft. Myers was so worth it. Her health has since declined so I’m blessed I got to see her while she was more like her old self. 

4.) Chaired the Philadelphia Magic Garden Gala Magic Beyond the Garden- The annual fundraiser for this marvelous non-profit on South Street was a big hit and raised a record breaking $20,000! I will continue to be on the Board of Directors for 2013. 

Matteo's 1st birthday
5.) Celebrated my nephew’s first birthday! I love being Matteo’s Godmother and watch him grow up to be such a fun-loving handsome little boy. Even though we don’t live in the same state, I have made an effort to see him as often as possible.

6.) Finished SheRox Philadelphia – This was my second time competing in this race and I did my best in the City of Brotherly Love.

7.) Selected as the Secretary of Philadelphia Public Relations Association (PPRA) - For the current program year I will serve on the Board of Sirectors.

8.) Won a haiku challenge for Philadelphia International Flower Show Tickets- City Paper selected my poem about Hawaii for their contest and gave me complimentary tickets to the 2012 Flower Show. I felt like I was in Hawaii,someday I will actually be at the Pacific islands.

9.) Ate healthier – I discovered recipes and started planning my meals in advance to help me focus on my health throughout the week.

10.) Got Crafty- I had declared in the beginning of the year that I would pick up the paint brush more and I did! I made some cute DIY jewelry boards to organize my apartment and add flare to the walls.

11.)Wrote a wedding guide for Delaware County Magazine. Getting published is always something that writers get excited about even if it’s not a national publication.   

Pier in Puerto Morelos
12.) Viva Mexico – I visited the Yucatan peninsula twice this year, once for business and once for pleasure and both were in the month of July! The Riviera Maya is a gorgeous place to vacation.



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